Wellcome to INFRA-E-MOTION

We offer a robust and highly accurate recording system for activity monitoring of small laboratory animals (mice, rats, etc.) based on the universal mobile data logger.

The self-developed logging unit of the INFRA-E-MOTION GmbH is a high precision recording device designed to record single test animal movements in a standard cage via infra-red technology. Alongside with the high accurate movement data, the device also records environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and intensity of light.

The Nutrition Monitor on the other hand isRat-Monitor-Detail1
enhancing the logger recording options by adding nutrition data i.e. food and drinkintake.
The Nutrition Monitor system offers:

  • Wireless, battery powered, each unit is working as an autonomous system
  • Experiment duration from seconds up to several months
  • Multi-channel capability: ambience parameters like temperature, relative humidity and light intensity, values from external analog data sources, or from extensions like our drinking monitor module, can be recorded simultaneously